Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for services? See cost here

What is your standard turnaround time? Standard turnaround is one week from receipt of files. Expedited turnarounds are available. See costs page for more information.
Orders over 8 hours total length may take longer than one week for standard turnaround requests. Rush orders over one hour, may take longer than the 24-hour rush turnaround. 

What kind of caption format do I need? It depends on how you plan to show your video. The most widely used and compatible caption files are SRT and VTT. Most video players will support either. You can ask us if you have questions about a specific implementation.
Check out this handy guide for how to use an SRT or VTT file.

How do you distinguish between different speakers? We use a single dash ( - ) to distinguish different speakers. We can use specific names or other terms by request. If you need different formatting please indicate so in the “notes” field of our request form.

What is the review and quality control process? A trained staff member reviews every caption or transcript we generate. If you’re not satisfied with your documents, let us know and we’ll do our best to resolve any issues.

How do I implement captions on my platform? Each is different. Here are links to instructions for some common platforms.

YouTube - [link]

Vimeo - [link]

Canvas - [link]

JW Player [link]

Are timestamps included in the transcript? No, we no longer include timestamps. 

What is the review and quality control process? Each caption or transcript we create in house gets a full review by a staff member. We also run an assisted spell check. If you find errors, we will promptly correct.

Request Captions for Zoom

  • A.I. generated captions are available for Zoom Cloud Recordings.
    • How to enable cloud recording [more info]
    • How to enable auto-captions for your recordings
    • Note: Auto-captions require editing and review to satisfy ADA requirements related to deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Auto-captions can be edited within Zoom.
    • Editing your own Zoom captions (watch video for walkthrough)
    • Request editing from UT Captioning Service (for ADA requests only)
      •  Ensure Cloud Recording is enabled
      •  Ensure auto-captions are enabled
  • Adding edited captions back to Zoom is not currently supported. We recommend hosting the video on Canvas or Panopto, adding the captions there and then sharing with your audience.
    • If you would like the transcription to be a plain text file, select TXT for delivery type, in addition to your desired caption file type (SRT, VTT) -- There is no extra charge for this.
    • If you would like a fully-formatted transcription, put that in the “Notes” section. There will be an extra cost of $1 per minute for this.


Handling videos hosted externally 

  • Share the downloadable link.
  • Share a YouTube or Vimeo link (make sure they’re not private)
  • See below for how to share videos from UT Supported hosts

Request Captions for Panopto

  • Auto-captions are available from Panopto

Request Captions for Canvas

  • How to request captions from UT Captioning Service for a Panopto video.